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Advances in the latest medical technology make it possible for procedures that once required a hospital stay to be done safer, and more effectively on an outpatient basis.
The benefits of outpatient surgery to the patient include less pain, less stress, less expense, less time away from home, more personal care, convenience, fewer complications, and quicker healing.

Northwest Surgery Center continually updates and maintains the latest equipment for our surgeons to provide for the most advanced technology available. Some of the cutting-edge techniques our surgeons perform include:

  • Arthroscopy: This is the procedure of viewing and repairing of torn ligaments, tendons and other repairs in knees, ankles, wrists and shoulders. This procedure utilizes a miniature telescope and video equipment. All of this through very small incisions.

  • Endoscopy (examination inside the body with an endoscope: a tube-shaped instrument connected with lenses and light)

  • Laser technology (allowing a surgeon to quickly perform minimally invasive procedures without traditional surgery's large incisions)

  • C Arm with laser sighting (an x ray source which utilizes an imaging technique to obtain real time images of bones and internal organs of a patient)

  • Brain Lab The most up to date vision guided imaging system used for ENT procedures

  • Partial Knee Replacement: Less than 5 years ago this required a 4 to 7 day hospital stay.

Our surgeons are uniquely qualified, each having met our stringent requirement of certification in their specialty and are trained in advanced surgical techniques. Our physician’s extraordinary commitment to excellence has been a driving force behind the recognition we've attained in recent years.
The surgeons working in our outpatient setting cover a wide range of specialties; Orthopedics, Podiatry, Pain Management, Otolaryngology (ENT), and Plastic Surgery.
Visit our site to learn more about the level of skill, and care at the center.

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